Divine Lotus Flower and its Splendid Healing Power

Believe it or not, we all want to heal—from traumas and their expressions on our bodies in the form of pain. What else can help you heal other than a Lotus flower?

Lotus flower stands at the top of our logo, and one might ask, why do we attach so much importance to the lotus flower? We think the question is legitimate and needs answering.

Since we deal in the Asiatic Thai Massage business, we’ve included the lotus in our logo to brandish its importance. It’s also because the lotus flower is revered and respected in Thai culture and religion.

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Thai massage, particularly the Traditional Thai Massage, has received a significant influence from Buddhism. In the Buddhist religion, the lotus flower is considered to be the symbol of Gods. More on the importance of the lotus flower can be found in the article below.

It’s the flower that holds the real delicacy and strength to claim its healing power to help you improve your condition that you might have been fighting with over a longer period! What else can be such a trustworthy flower other than the LOTUS?

This is why healing brands have been using the flower for medicinal purposes. Can it also help you regain the vitality of life that allows you to enjoy every moment you breathe into??

The good news is, yes…! No matter which culture you belong to, the beautiful gift of nature has proven its deepest roots in holistic health practices.

It’s not the story of centuries but of thousand years when human eyes caught the sight of this inviting flower smiling upright amid dark muddy water with its open arms, ready to embrace human existence and flourish it. 

Certainly, the man had apprehended that it was what he had ever been searching for and began affirming the holiness of this blooming charm either at the altars, in food, or in the medicines that required hours of untiring preparations.

Then how exactly has this LOTUS been blooming in various Asian and other cultures? Let’s explore this in our article. Maybe, by the end, you’ll also be wishing for the softness of LOTUS infusing peace on your limbs and muscles that you want over and over.

Why is the Lotus Flower so Unique? 

The lotus plant grows at the bottom of water bodies, deep in the mud, a place that receives no sunlight. But once it matures and reaches the light, the plant blooms into spectacular, stunning, and mesmerizing lotus flowers.

In many cultures, the lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-renewal, and rebirth, especially in Eastern religions. It can take root in dirty water and still produce the most beautiful flower is a perfect representation of the human condition.

Lotus is an aquatic plant characterized by its broad, floating leaves and bright, scent-loaded flowers. As for the stems, they’re long and contain air spaces. The flower consists of many petals that are symmetrically stacked on top of each other. 

The work of the root stalks spread horizontally through the mud below the water surface. The round leaves can grow up to 50 cm in diameter. The flowers are pink like roses with a slight white shade, and there is a dark brown color to the hard seeds.

The shape of the sources varies from round to elliptical to oblong. The lotus flower blooms at sunrise, and the petals disperse in the afternoon.

Lotus propagates mainly by seed. It grows in moist soil and needs at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, and Lotus needs to be fertilized regularly for at least one year. Protecting the Lotus from freezing is essential. In addition, it needs adequate light as well.

Lotus Flower Origin of Life

The Lotus Flower’s Evolution over Million of Years

The mystery of the lotus flower lies in the fact that it is a living fossil. Its history dates back to about 145.5 million years, and it survived the Ice Age (1.8 million to 10,000 years ago). 

It was an era of great geological and ecological change. It was during this time that most of the plants in the northern hemisphere went extinct.

This plant survived that period because of its exceptional longevity—surely, it bestows the same to you. The flower also grows wild in Russia, Australia, Philippines, China, and Iran, and it seems to be able to survive in any extreme climate.

The Egyptian lotus is thought to have been introduced to Egypt from India in the 6th century B.C. via the East-West trade route, but some believe it originated in Iran. It thrived on the banks of the Nile, and later cultivation was carried out by the ancient Greeks and the Phoenicians, and Romans.

Together, these facts add to the symbolism of the lotus in cultures and religions throughout history.

Lotus and its Interpretation in Major Religions

Mainly, it’s common to observe the lotus’ prominence in Asia. Not only therapeutically but socially and religiously also.

The lotus is a part of almost every religion in Asia and has its unique meaning that dominates every country and the people’s lives.

Let’s see how this beautiful flower emphasizes its importance. 

Buddhusim as the major admirer of Lotus

It’s part of the Buddhist belief system that all people have the potential to achieve enlightenment, and it’s only a matter of time before each human being starts looking for and finds the absolute truth. Buddhists believe it is necessary to undergo reincarnations to refine one’s being until one reaches nirvana, the highest degree of awareness for a human being to achieve. 

For this reason, we find countless depictions of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower or his seat has carvings of lotus petals. Like the lotus flower, which begins to grow in the muddy, polluted water and blossoms into a perfect flower, these depictions stand for an enlightened being who has overcome the suffering that pervades the material world. It’s also not uncommon to find many Hindu gods depicted sitting or standing on the lotus flower.

Lotus as the birth origin of Buddha

The largest part of Budha’s teachings originates in the Lotus Sutra (Lotus of the True Dharma), where the sacred lotus flower signifies the essence of Buddhism. Buddhists also hold the belief that the Buddha was born over a lotus leaf.

Spiritual enlightenment in Buddhism through the lotus

Buddhism has a belief that this pure flower brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. 

Buddhism teaches that, like the lotus flower, we must be a source of happiness and delight for others and make their lives meaningful and beautiful, no matter what difficulties or adverse circumstances surround us. 

In addition, in Buddhism, the color of each flower has a different meaning. For example, the white lotus is also a part of the Four Noble Truths and represents mental righteousness and perfection from inside: spiritual. 

Can you relate the eightfold path from Budha’s teachings to the eight pearls of white lotus? You should because Budha’s birth spot also has a connection with the eightfold path.

Just as the rose has significance for love and emotional refinement, the red lotus represents a pure heart. Its nature is encoded in the characters for compassion, ardor, and love.

The blue lotus is a sign of triumph; it connotes a win over the senses. It also stands for truth and wisdom. The magnificent pink lotus is itself a representation of the Buddha and his teachings.

Lotus Flower in Hinduism

The magical effects of lotus in Budh Mantra

The Budh’s mantra “Om mani Padme hum” is thought to be carrying something rich, mysterious, sacred, and deeply spiritually aware. In this mantra, the word “Padme” means “locus.” The mantra itself is often referred to as “the jewel in the lotus,” and it translates to “praise to the jewel in the lotus,” describing the oneness and fraternity of all beings and the divine potential within.

Lotus in Budh art

Lotus throne or lotus platform, in Asian art, refers to a stylized lotus flower that forms the base or seat of the statue. (In Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain art, it is the usual pedestal for statues of deities.)

The Holiness of Lotus in Hinduism

Another major religion on our planet, Hinduism, also affirms the holiness of the lotus. Here is how you can see it blooming in every Hindu’s life.

Lotus as the seat of gods

The lotus, a sacred icon of Hinduism and Indian culture, is found in many descriptions in almost all Hindu sacred scriptures. The universe’s chief creator, Lord Brahma, and another lord, Vishnu, the preserver, are each depicted as sitting or floating on a lotus. 

Lotus as the birth origin of god Brahma

Hinduism believes that Lord Brahma was born from a flower of lotus coming right out of Lord Vishnu’s navel.

Hinduism has made several notes to tell you about the similarities between Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu’s bodies. They believe that the former’s body originated from Lord Vishnu’s as he was bluish like a lotus flower.

Links to Brahma and Lakshmi

Many Hindu scriptures also relate the lotus flower with other gods and goddesses, especially Lakshmi: the god of prosperity, who is often shown as floating above a fully opened lotus flower in Hindu art.

In Hinduism, the lotus flower seems to have a particular attachment with the God Brahma, and Goddess Lakshmi is a symbol of beauty, health, abundance, fortune, and eternity in Hinduism. Most of the primary rituals centering on Goddess Lakshmi also feature the usage of the Lotus flower.

Lotus Flower as the center of attraction in Indian art

Plankartha from Indian classical art’s eight grand symbols, which seem like an illustration of the lotus: buds, flowers, and leaves, is also considered an embodiment of ingenuity and creativity. This lotus motif plays a vital role in India’s heritage site, the Taj Mahal.

Several ancient Hindu scriptures also describe Lord Krishna as a god with Lotus-Eye. Hence, the prominence of the lotus flower is prominent in various scriptures or doctrines. 

According to the Hindu scripture, the Upanishads, the lotus represents profound contemplation and introspection. It also believes that the supreme inner self of man, the Atma, lives within the lotus heart ( often depicted as the heart enclosing the lotus flower, a symbol of purity.)

Lotus as a metaphor for the heart

Hindus use this flower to offer before the god. As a symbol of attachment and devotion, known as “Bhakti,” this offering emphasizes that their love for God should remain pure despite being busy in worldly affairs as the lotus’ purity and beauty are not influenced by the muddy water. 

A true devotee gets the power to turn his heart towards God, who exists nowhere else but in his own heart. Although God exists everywhere, however, in the case of human beings, God appears as Param Atma, or transcendent soul, in the heart, which is the spiritual center. Therefore, it’s useless to find God in temples as it is the devotee’s heart where the Param Atma resides.

Maha Narayana Upanishad also explains the same idea: “Within the citadel of the body is the small, sinless, pure lotus of the heart, the residence of the Supreme.” In short, in Hinduism, the lotus flower stands for the heart of an individual.

Healing power of Lotus Flower

Eastern poets, philosophers, sages, saints, masters, intellects, gurus, and historians have compared the lotus flower to the gods and other heavenly beings’ holy feet.

Egyptian Mithology and the Holy Lotus

Ancient Egypt was the earliest civilization to worship the lotus flower, which symbolized fertility, birth, purity, and many other things. It is also believed to have a close association with the dead.

According to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a dead person could be transformed into a lotus by a magic spell or talisman. It referred him to the lotus flower as an emblem of resurrection and rebirth.

In Egyptian art and architecture, especially temples, the lotus is often visible, and in some myths, it’s believed that the Sun god has emerged from a floating lotus. In the spiritual teachings of ancient Egyptian literature, the lotus, called “Seshen.” 

It signifies the sun, which in turn implies creation and rebirth. At night, the lotus flower closes its petals and dives to rest in the water. The next morning, when the sun shines, the lotus flower rises and opens its petals, suggesting that the lotus is born by the sun. 

Besides its religious significance, the Egyptians believe that the blue lotus has a rich fragrance and a narcotic-like power to raise consciousness and bring about a sense of peace.

Lotus’ Importance and Interpretation in Christianity

The lotus is also depicted in the iconography of the Christian churches in Greece and Rome. In the painting of the Annunciation, the archangel Gabriel appears before the mother of Jesus. In these paintings, Gabriel is always seen holding a water lily flower.

Unlike ancient religions, Christianity is more about meaningfulness, and it’s why you can find many positive interpretations of Lotus in Christianity.

Lily or lotus are symbols of abstract ideas like piousness and fertility and metal, spiritual and physical purifications. Since the concept of lily or lotus emphasizes positivity, it’s a part of many Christian’s everyday life in the form of various decoration items and ornaments.

Lily or lotus are symbols of abstract ideas like piousness and fertility and metal, spiritual and physical purifications. Since the concept of lily or lotus emphasizes positivity, it’s a part of many Christian’s everyday life in the form of various decoration items and ornaments.

If you dream of a sacred lotus flower, you are marked by fate as a person of an extraordinary destiny. It symbolically reflects the magical abilities and hidden talents that need to be developed. 

Have you ever seen strange flowers in your dreams? Then the most favorable time to develop your creative potential has arrived.

The lotus flower also represents a spiritual awakening, where negative principles degenerate into something beautiful and bright. This flower predicts that you will do something exceptionally wise.

What else does this sacred plant mean in a dream? The dream’s interpretation is certain, and given its characteristics in the dream, the images must be interpreted. This includes conditions, colors, and positions.

What else does this sacred plant mean in a dream? The dream’s interpretation is certain, and given its characteristics in the dream, the images must be interpreted. This includes conditions, colors, and positions.

Painting on a cloth is a sign of good luck in business.

Thai Massage Spa
  • On the wall – knowledge
  • On the body – profit
  • Red lotus calls for not trusting gossip.
  • The yellow lotus represents friendship.
  • White lotus is a symbol of purity of thought.
  • The black lotus implies negativity in any manifestation.

Interpretation of Lotus in Islam

The recognition of Lotus is not as remarkable in Islam as in other religions. Yet, it has immense importance as an indication of growth, profit, and well-being, and it’s’ why many scholars have praised it if you see it in your dream.

  • You can hope to have a pious life partner from a noble family.
  • You might get riches from fair means.

You can hope to get a proofing meaning not only for the lotus flower but also for its fruit. 

For instance, if you see yourself eating lotus fruit, you might be recognized in religion or society.

Hence, though not metaphorically, the lotus flower still has huge favorableness in Islam. Still, in many Asian Islamic countries, the Lotus is a different flower.

Lotus Flwoer as a Symbol of Perseverance, Freedom, and Development

The lotus flower signifies the pure nature of the spirit. It’s because no matter how dirty the water is in which the plant has survived, it can still come up with pure and enticing petals. 

The flower also symbolizes freedom. For instance, when you pour some water on a lotus flower, the water drops will not get any room to stay over the leaves but roll-off. 

The lotus flower is also a sign of “svayambhu,” meaning self-renewal in Sanskrit. Considered one of the most aesthetic water lilies, it is a noble and spiritual flower in many religions and cultures worldwide.

This epitome of notetic procreation represents the birth of God, spiritual advancement, and even creation itself.

 The lotus bud signifies the hidden potential of spiritual essence and an individual’s mind comparable to a lotus flower. As the lotus flower undergoes the initial stages of growth in the turbid water and then blooms into a beautiful flower, human intellect also goes through a similar stage to reach enlightenment.

 The lotus flower also explains the chakra system. The crown chakra is identifiable with a lotus with a thousand petals, and its flowering signifies enlightenment.

Lotus as a Lesson of Detachment 

The lotus is an analog of a spiritually enlightened person who carries out his work without any concern for evaluation and is entirely free from attachment. The bloomed lotus flower and the unopened Lotus bud is a perfect analogy for the human soul with its ability to expand toward divine truth. 

The lotus also illustrates the ability to grow spiritually without being affected by the evil influences around us. Bhagavad Gita, one of the sacred books of Hinduism, reads: “Just as a lotus leaf is not immersed in water, so he who fulfills his duty without attachment and submits the result to the Supreme Being is not affected by sinful actions.”

Before we discuss the lotus flower and its relation to Asiatic Thai massage, let’s first understand a few basic things about the lotus in various cultures worldwide, especially in Asia.

Sun set

Lotus Flower Meaning in Every Culture

Lotus Flower in Chinese Culture

It is a part of religious and social ceremonies. They live with it and eat it.

 In Chinese poetry, the stalk of the lotus flower is compared to a friend or family member. It’s because the stem of the lotus is bendable, yet it’s hard to break.

For the Chinese, the lotus is a symbol:

  • A man who comes out of the swamp but is not contaminated.
  • Empty inside, upright outside.
  • Purity
  • The lotus’ fruit, flower, and stem are equal to past, present, and future.

Famous images and sayings about the lotus in Chinese show that

  • The lotus flower with leaves and buds represents a complete union.
  • A magpie sits on the stamens of a blooming lotus flower and collects seeds: May you have the pleasure of passing one test after another.
  • If receiving a photo with a boy and a carp next to a lotus flower means: may you live abundantly year after year.
  • Two lotus flowers or a stem consisting of a lotus flower and a single flower represent the hope of a united heart and harmony, representing the union.
  • The lotus (symbolizing a girl) and the fish (symbolizing a boy) signify love.
  • Courtesans were often referred to as “red lotuses.”
  • The bluestem of the lotus flower symbolizes purity and modesty.

The lotus has also got great value in Taoism. One of Tao’s Eight Immortals is Ho Shen Ku, and her symbol is an open lotus flower, which signifies openness and wisdom. Taoist artists like to paint the lotus to represent the divine miracles such as light, beauty, and life and help us understand the path and place in the world. 

Lotus Flower in Japanese Culture

The lotus is primarily a symbol of purity, and in Japan, it is revered for its ability to emerge from dirty, muddy water and blossom into a beautiful flower. 

It is most often associated with the attainment of Buddhist enlightenment and is a very popular symbol that symbolizes living life to the fullest.

It is said that there is nothing more spiritual and enchanting than the lotus flower. In Japanese culture, it symbolizes the purity of body, speech, and mind; it comes from Buddhist symbolism.

Lotus Flower in Thai Culture

To your surprise, the lotus flowers’ colors carry different meanings. For instance, blue shows wisdom, white is a sign of spiritual excellence, and pink stands for the Buddha.

Legend has stated that when the Buddha was able to walk immediately after his birth. And by his first steps, lotus flowers bloomed from the ground to support his shaky feet. The Buddha also sermonized about lotus growth and its 4 stages to help people understand how it represents enlightenment.

Since the lotus flowers in Thailand are presented as gifts, uniquely magnificent, have meaning, and are often known as the part of Buddhism, it is unquestionable why Thai people usually offer them to the Buddha statues, along with a candle and three incense sticks. 

They hold the belief that they’ll attract fortune and happiness into their life by offering nice things at the altar of Buddha. Some people also fold lotus petals to add to the beauty of the already beautiful flowers.

Moreover, many Thai folks believe that they’ll be eventually successful in gaining enlightenment, just like how the lotus rises and blooms above the water. That’s why the famous Lotus flower is a part of traditional Thai massage, and it nourishes you and.

White Lotus Flower

American Culture and Lotus

Native Americans consider the lotus seed to be highly sacred beans, and it was once an essential part of many Americans’ diets. They say that the lotus flower, a symbol of the sun, can transform or infuse the sun’s energy into their food.

Amazing Facts About the Lotus Flower

Here are some unique as well as common facts about the lotus flower.

  • Apart from being the national flower of India, Lotus is also the National Flower Of Vietnam, and the pink-colored flower is the National symbol of both countries.
  • Though a lotus flower is only approximately 49 inches in height, the flower can spread as long as 10 feet horizontally in the water.
  • Believe it or not, the seeds of a Lotus flower can germinate even after 1300 years of dormancy.
  • This beautiful flower blooms only in the morning and closes at night.

Being the National Flower Of India, here is almost everything about this flower that you need to know.

If you feel like surprising your loved ones, talking about flowers, you can give them amazing flower gift that will always stay close to their heart.

Proven Healing Effects of Lotus Flower and its Tea

In religions and cultures, the Lotus has got too deep roots. Yet, is the usefulness of lotus scientifically proven?

The answer is, yes.

Here are some amazing health benefits of Lotus.

Lotus is full of chemicals that can minimize swelling, end cancer cells, help to overcome blood sugar, break down fats and protect the circulatory system: heart, arteries, and veins. Lotus chemicals also protect the skin, liver, and brain. Yet, to be more specific, the lotus has much more to offer for your betterment.

Health Benefits of Blue Lotus Flower

Blue lotus has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, sleep aid, and anti-anxiety agent.

However, due to its psychoactive properties, many people doubt whether its use is legal and safe.

Eating blue lotus flowers can make you feel high and induce a mild euphoria. Some people have drawn comparisons to their euphoria after using cannabis, although this may be largely individual.

Lotus Flower Water Fall

Health Benefits of White Lotus Flower

The white lotus acts as a heart tonic, supporting a healthy heart. White lotus helps increase blood flow to the heart and strengthens the heart muscles.

White lotus helps to lower blood sugar levels and also lowers cholesterol levels.

White lotus may be useful for digestive problems, such as indigestion, due to the presence of alkaloids that have antispasmodic effects.

White lotus contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes harmful radicals.

White lotus helps to lower stress levels and promotes peaceful sleep.

White lotus is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, and C, which contribute to a positive mood and energy.

Health Benefits of Lotus Tea

Lotus tea is rich in fiber and can increase intestinal microbes to help with digestion by removing toxins. It also aids the nutrients’ absorbed by stimulating gastric and digestive juices’ release in your intestines. Eating these foods can also help weight control by making you feel full and not want to eat more.

Lotus tea is an excellent way to increase blood circulation and increase energy levels. The iron and copper in this tea are essential for the red blood cells’ production.

It’s Time to Let the Asiatic Thai Massage Change your Life

Apprehending the vitality of the lotus flower, what can be the most suitable way to get the benefits from the treasure of health? You can use it in any way, but the fastest way can be to get the traditional Thai messages with lotus to let it penetrate through your skin and calm the pain and anxiety of modernity that had been teasing you.