Let Our Thai Yoga Massage Heal You From Inside Out.

Release stubborn knot, keep your body tension free and aligned.

What It Is

Asiaitc Thai yoga massage is a a full-body approach, our massage therapists use their fingers, hands, feet, and elbows to apply pressure to the important energy lines in your body, they’ll help you release, relax, and reset your well-being in no time. Our Thai yoga massages include deep assisted stretches and applied Hatha body rocking which helps alleviate issues like headaches, joint pain, back aches, premenstrual tension, and more! You can feel more alert, aware, and motivated to take on your day thanks to our qualified massage therapists.

How It Works

Our Thai Yoga Massage sessions are welcoming, relaxing, and tailored to suit your flexibility (or lack thereof). One of our exceptional and qualified massage therapists from Thailand will gently yet firmly practice yoga on you to clear the energy line system (or Sen lines) in your body. At Asiatic Start moving again thanks to this ancient massage technique that helps you gradually and gently deepen your stretches. Call us today to increase your flexibility and improve your overall mobility with the help of our experienced Thai yoga massage therapists in Islington, London.

The Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage


Step into Warrior 1 to benefit from the incredible healing properties of Thai Yoga Massage.


Thai Yoga Massage release the anxieties and stresses that hold you back throughout your every-day life.


This massage technique is the perfect solution to restore your body to good health and well-being.