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For all your pain-relief and relaxation needs, look no further than Asiatic. Our bespoke massage experiences are meticulously designed to rejuvenate your body. Whether you seek the soothing touch of prenatal massage or targeted relief for your back, shoulders, or tired feet through Thai reflexology, we are dedicated to customising each session to meet your unique needs.


More info about Massage

A massage therapist is a health care professional who provides bodywork therapies to relieve pain, improve circulation, promote relaxation, and relax muscles.

Massage therapy is a centuries-old healing modality used to treat a wide range of ailments. Massage therapy is now widely accepted as an effective form of natural health care.

Massage comes in a variety of forms, each with its own set of advantages. Swedish massage is the most common type of massage. It is a gentle, relaxing massage that uses long strokes and light pressure to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, and hot stone massage are all popular types of massage.

  1. Helps to relax the mind and body
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety
  3. Alleviates pain
  4. Improves circulation
  5. Reduces muscle tension
  6. Improves range of motion
  7. Enhances athletic performance
  8. Promotes better sleep
  9. Reduces fatigue
  10. Boosts the immune system

Massages have a wide range of side effects, according to growing evidence.

Depending on the type of massage and the person receiving the massage, these side effects can be both positive and negative.

Some of the more common side effects are as follows:

  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Skin rashes
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

It should be noted that not everyone will experience negative side effects from a massage.

Even if you do experience side effects, they are usually transient and will resolve on their own.

However, if you have any concerns, consult your doctor before receiving a massage.


To avoid any irritation or aggravating of the condition, our therapists at Asiatic will not perform massage services on any area of the body affected by eczema, psoriasis, inflamed or broken skin.
Thank you for your understanding.

Most people are aware that massage is a type of therapy that aids in the relief of pain and stress. However, not everyone understands what massage is or how it works.

Massage is a type of manual therapy that uses pressure and movement to relieve tension in the body’s muscles and soft tissues. Massage can help with pain relief, stress reduction, and circulation improvement. It can also help with flexibility and range of motion.

Massage therapy is a centuries-old practice that has been used to promote healing and well-being. Massage therapy is now widely available and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.

If you are thinking about getting massage therapy, talk to your doctor first.

Drink plenty of fluids after your massage to rehydrate your body. This will help to flush out any toxins that were released during the massage.

You should also avoid eating a heavy meal right after your massage. Instead, choose something light that will not bloat your stomach.

Finally, avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day to allow your body to fully relax.

Massage has numerous documented benefits, including improved circulation, stress reduction, and pain relief.
But how long do these advantages last?

It is determined by the kind of massage you receive.
A therapeutic massage, for example, will provide relaxation and stress relief, but its effects may be transient.

A Thai massage, on the other hand, can help to reduce chronic pain and its effects can last for days or even weeks.

Finally, the long-term effects of a massage are dependent on the individual.

Some people may only require a single session to feel better, whereas others may require regular appointments to maintain the benefits.