More Than A Massage.

Treat and restore your body from the outside in!

One Massage Multiple Benefit

Book a custom Asiatic Thai massage today to feel better, and live better, starting today.

Pain-Free At Last

Knot in your neck? Stiff knee? Tight shoulders?
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Kick stress to the curb
Relax muscles and relieve pain
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Everybody Is Unique

So is every Asiatic treatment.

Trust Our Therapists

Booking a generic massage is like watching a Netflix show everyone else is watching. What makes someone else tick might not be your cup of tea. That’s why our professional Therapists use a unique arsenal of unique techniques to trigger pain points, target deep tissue, and more, while introducing you to life-changing yoga stretches you’ll wish you’d known yesterday.

Treatments Tailored To You

At Asiatic we’re ready to create a unique, 100% customized Thai massage therapy especially for you. Traditional Eastern healing delivers miraculous results; an ancient secret that involves moving air from the lungs through 72,000 pathways, or “sen energy lines” (the Buddhist representation of an infinite number of elements).

Power of Thai Massage

Next time you’re in pain, or just need to relax both your body and mind, you know who to call for personalized Thai massage experiences that rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. From aromatherapy to pregnancy massage, back and shoulder massage and Thai foot reflexology, at Asiatic Thai Massage we do and customize it all.