Stop Shouldering the Weight of Constant Pain.

Get a back, head and shoulder massage and take back your day.

What It Is

A back and shoulder massage is specifically aimed at reducing muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness in your upper body. By concentrating on the upper body, back, head and shoulders, we can help you reduce the aches and pains that you might be experiencing from sitting at a desk all day, doing repetitive or strenuous work, or feeling anxious and stressed all the time.

How It Works

Our qualified massage therapist will focus on your back and shoulders and give special care and attention to the spots that give your daily trouble. These sessions can be done while sitting on a reclining chair, massage table or a Thai futon.

You have the freedom to choose whether or not you’d like to remain clothed. We’re happy to accommodate you in a way that will make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. You’ll also be free to choose if you’d like us to perform deep muscle work or simply help you relax.

The Benefits of Back and Shoulder Massage

Improve your mood

Alleviate your pain and elevate your mood in no time.

Recover from muscle strain

Fast-track your healing if you’ve recently suffered from an injury or sprain.

Increase your flexibility and mobility

Reduce pain or stiffness that comes from having a tense back and shoulders.