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Managing Director
Apple, a native of Bangkok, Thailand, is an exceptional Co-founder and Managing Director. Apple has realised the embodiment of their own beliefs and passion to delivering engaging experiences for our entire community with the launch of Asiatic.

Bringing the Land of Smiles to Life In London…

Once upon a time, nestled in the vibrant heart of London, stood a sanctuary of tranquility and refinement named Asiatic. Conceived by visionary Apple, whose journey from the fast-paced world of finance and HR to the enchanting realm of premier massage boutiques was truly remarkable.

From a young age, Apple recognised the profound impact of regular massages on holistic well-being and the importance of self-care. Fueled by a passion for wellness, she aimed to create a space where the ancient healing of Thai Massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, and other specialised treatments could offer solace to all seeking relief from life’s stresses. Asiatic emerged as a haven of restoration amidst urban chaos, offering a path to a life free from pain, stress, and anxiety.

At Asiatic, a devoted team of therapists works tirelessly to provide personalised experiences promoting wellness and balance. By combining traditional Thai Massage techniques with modern innovations, and offering specialised treatments like deep tissue massage and pregnancy massage, each session becomes a journey towards relaxation and rejuvenation.

More than just luxury, self-care forms the foundation of a balanced and thriving life. Asiatic empowers individuals to nurture themselves, achieving and sustaining optimal well-being. Addressing muscle health, posture, and overall wellness through diverse treatments, Asiatic not only provides immediate relief but also paves the way for enduring wellness.

Embark on a transformative journey at Asiatic, where the Ancient Art of Thai Massage and specialised treatments restore body, mind, and soul. Discover the profound benefits of prioritising self-care for a healthier, happier life. Let Asiatic guide you to a state of blissful equilibrium and optimal health, with a range of treatments catering to all your wellness needs.

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