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Managing Director
Apple, a native of Bangkok, Thailand, is an exceptional Co-founder and Managing Director. Apple has realised the embodiment of their own beliefs and passion to delivering engaging experiences for our entire community with the launch of Asiatic.

Bringing the Land of Smiles to Life In London

Experience the serenity and elegance of our exquisitely crafted massage studios. Step into a realm where tradition meets modernity, as we honour the ancient Art of Traditional Thai Massage that has endured for countless generations.

The dynamic and visionary managing director, Apple, brought Asiatic to life. With a background in banking and human resources, Apple has years of experience working in high-end massage spas in London. Since childhood and throughout her time in the banking industry, she has taken care of herself by receiving regular massages. Her relentless drive to become an entrepreneur eventually led her to create a business that has earned immense love and respect from countless personalities in London. Apple’s presence on the esteemed Asiatic Therapy team offers a unique and unparalleled perspective.

Apple draws inspiration from the ancient art of Thai Massage, a practice renowned for its healing powers. Our team of skilled massage therapists is committed to bestowing upon you the liberating experience of a pain-free, stress-free, and anxiety-free life. By embracing the timeless potency of Asiatic Thai massage, we endeavour to provide those who truly need it with this invaluable gift.

At Asiatic, we have carefully crafted a sanctuary where the wisdom of traditional Thai practices harmoniously blends with innovative techniques. Our mission is simple – to provide you with the most effective Thai Massages available today. Prepare to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Thailand as you indulge in the mesmerising Ancient Art of Thai Massage. Let us create a personalised experience that awaits your arrival, tailored just for you.

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