A Review of Luxurious Tranquility at our New Highbury Branch

Step into a world of tranquility and relaxation at Asiatic’s new massage branch in Highbury. Located at 262 Upper Street, London N1 2UQ, this serene oasis offers an escape like no other. Recently, my best friend and I had the pleasure of indulging in the exceptional services of this new gem, and we left feeling not just impressed, but completely rejuvenated.

A Warm Welcome at Asiatic’s Highbury Branch

Finding the branch was a breeze, just a short 5-minute stroll from Highbury and Islington station. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed with genuine warmth and hospitality, instantly making us feel right at home. The staff’s friendliness and attentiveness set the perfect tone for our visit.

Newly Opened Asiatic Thai Massage Boutique with a Captivating Shop Front.
Discover the exquisite allure of our new Asiatic Massage Boutique with a captivating shop front design.

Delight in the Details

Our session began with a delightful floral tea, a lovely touch that showcased Asiatic’s commitment to enhancing the client experience. The ambiance of the branch was simply delightful, with its spacious layout, soothing neutral tones, and inviting warm orange accents. The decor was not just aesthetically pleasing, but truly inspiring, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation from the moment we entered.

Display of Aromatic Incense and Candles on Shelf at new Asiatic Thai massage.
Incense and candles on display at an Asiatic 2 near Highbury and Islington.

An Unforgettable Experience

Our visit was truly unforgettable, thanks to the luxurious and spacious room we were treated to for our massage. Not only was it impeccably clean, but it was also blissfully warm, enveloping us in a soothing embrace that enhanced our overall comfort. Asiatic truly excels at creating an atmosphere that prioritises relaxation and ensures every client feels truly pampered.

Exploring Asiatic customs with Asian influencer and blogger Fantail Flo.
Influencer and blogger “Faintal Flo” visiting Asiatic for a massage review.

Finding Sanctuary

Stepping into the exquisite Thai Massage London branch was akin to entering a sanctuary of tranquility. The expansive space was adorned with tastefully designed neutral sand-coloured decor and inviting warm orange tones, creating an ambiance that immediately washed away stress and invited a deep sense of relaxation. The elegant decorations weren’t just beautiful to the eye; they were incredibly inspiring as well. The delightful scents that wafted through the air, particularly the coconut aroma oil that day, added another layer of comfort and warmth, elevating the spa’s ambiance to one of true serenity. Every detail of the branch, from the decor to the scents, has been carefully curated to provide a holistic and soothing experience for all visitors.

Asiatic massage room new branch opening - serene setting with traditional decor and soothing ambiance.
Exciting news – our Asiatic massage room is now open at our new branch locations

Embracing Luxury and Serenity

The new branch exudes pure luxury and relaxation, from the spacious layout to the stunning decor in neutral sand tones with pops of warm orange that instantly soothe the senses. Upon stepping inside, I found the ambiance to be truly inspiring and invigorating. The delightful scents drifting through the air, like the delightful coconut aroma oil on the day of our visit, added to the overall cozy and inviting atmosphere. It’s evident that every detail has been meticulously planned to create a serene and comforting space that envelops you in a sense of tranquility.

 A massage therapist offering warm herbal tea to a client after a massage session
Massage therapist offering warm herbal tea after a soothing Asiatic massage session.

The Perfect Massage Experience

The highlight of our visit was the expansive room where we enjoyed our massage. Immaculately clean, wonderfully spacious, and delightfully warm, the room provided the perfect setting for our indulgent treatment. The comforting warmth embraced us like a soft hug, making us feel completely at ease and enhancing the overall relaxation. Asiatic truly understands the importance of crafting an environment that nurtures relaxation and ensures their clients feel pampered beyond measure.

A Journey of Relaxation

Choosing the Asiatic London for a 90-minute pampering session turned out to be the best decision we could have made. The experience was nothing short of pure bliss and relaxation. The highly skilled masseuse not only made us feel incredibly comfortable but also personalised the massage according to our specific preferences. The session kicked off with a gentle and soothing prelude without the use of cream, setting the perfect ambiance for what was to follow.

As the massage unfolded, the transition to incorporating cream brought about a masterful touch that effectively targeted and alleviated all tension and knots in our bodies with finesse. The expert hands of the masseuse, coupled with their calming and precise movements, worked like magic, leaving us completely rejuvenated and in a state of total tranquility. This experience undoubtedly stands out as one of the best Thai massages in town, delivering not just relaxation but a transformative journey that revived our senses and left us feeling positively refreshed.